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    No burden - Not in Team, Provider, or Carrier. Our team is innovative, creative and fun to work with. It is just that simple! I invite you to see the benefits of ClaimReturn. Be prepared to be amazed.


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    Recovering Overpayments Due to Medical Billing Errors

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Welcome to ClaimReturn

Medical Claims Analysis

Medical Claims Analysis

ClaimReturn has built its reputation with our advanced claims auditing system. Our highly trained and experienced team is committed to providing our clients with a best in the industry auditing and recovery process.

Transparency & Reporting

Tranparency & Reporting

Using a cloud-based proprietary information system, ClaimReturn allows its clients to review the progress throughout the audit and recovery process.

Accuracy & Recovery

Accuracy & Recovery

ClaimReturn's goal is to provide 100% accuracy in the detection of improperly and overpaid medical claims and to recover the maximum owed return of revenue.

What We Do


Powerful Tech makes ClaimReturn stand out from the crowd.